The Team

Nathan Ellingson
Frontend Developer
Prior to co-founding Web Niobium, I served in the United States Air Force as a Security Force Team Leader and went on to serve the state of Wisconsin as a Probation Agent. As you might guess, I developed some pretty strong organizational skills and learned when to toe the line. But the truth is, while I was sitting out there in the missile silos of Montana I had my guitar with me, too. And while I was studying for my Criminal Justice degree, I took a handful of web and graphic design classes.
Once I got a little older and we started a family, I realized I was missing the creative stuff. Started dabbling with the web design again. Made some pages just for fun and then realized the important thing – this was FUN! So in 2011 I resigned from my probation officer job and made a radical career change...
These days I'm devoted to creating attractive user-friendly websites. Nobody knows how these things are going to look going in, and I just love the process of working through various ideas with a client until we figure out just how we really want a site to look and to work. How it works, of course, is where my brother Ben comes in. We collaborate to integrate any sophisticated functions into the dynamic designs I arrive at with YOU, our valued client!
I still enjoy a relaxing day of strumming the guitar, but with a young son and daughter around it doesn't happen much anymore, so you might as well give me a call! You can contact me in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin with a question or project idea any time... I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 262-366-7112

Benjamin Ellingson
Backend Developer
I re-discovered computer programming back in 2006 when I was trying to sell fine, handcrafted leather belts & wallets I'd made on eBay. When I started tweaking the page layouts to meet my standards, I didn't even realize I was messing with something called HTML.
I also had no idea that only a year later I'd be responsible for the maintenance of the StoryPeople website. Once I got rolling, all my childhood enthusiasm for computers & math & logic & language all came flooding back to me & I couldn't stop until I was able to make web pages do absolutely everything I could possibly think of wanting them to do.
These days, I rely on the tried-&-true combination of Classic ASP & SQL to handle the dynamic server-side & database-driven functions while mixing in a dose of Javascript for some quick, asynchronous ASP-backed AJAX responsiveness when appropriate. Nate & I collaborate on coming up with overall visions for the design & function of a site & I enjoy giving Nate feedback as he handles the client-side presentation of things.
I've completed a number of electronic books for the likes of the Kindle, Nook & various iDevices as well. For more on that, visit the "portfolio" site I began back before I started working on website development in tandem with my brother.
Thanks for visiting our site & we'd sure love to hear from you! While Nate lives in Wisconsin, I live with my family in Montpelier, Vermont, but of course we can work with anyone anywhere, so give us a try...

Phone: 802.225.6544