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The Premium Web Plus starter package
from $1099 - Begin with six Custom Pages while
Retaining Expandability to meet future needs

For those who need a superior website on a budget, here's your solution. Together, we'll assess your needs & arrive at an effective layout customized with your color, logo & content preferences. The result will be top-notch coding combined with engaging visuals for a well-organized site that surpasses the do-it-yourself options many budget-conscious consumers are stuck with. The basic package includes five additional sub pages so you get a complete, six-page site that includes a direct contact page. And whether for assistance or further development, we always look forward to hearing from you.

Premium Web Plus features include:

  • Web design by a professional to ensure Web Standards
  • Search-engine-friendly code & copy considerations
  • Base price includes up to 6 pages including Contact form
  • FREE additional Sitemap page
  • Unlimited expansion available for $89 per page (static content only, does not include Dynamic Features listed to the right)
  • Complete custom design, no generic templates
  • Search engine registry with Google, Bing & Yahoo!
  • Dedicated contact designer for your project
  • Site-wide links to all your Social Networks
  • Revisions until 100% satisfaction is achieved
  • 23x7 phone support (We have to sleep sometime!)
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited capability for expansion

The Dynamic Web Deluxe Expansion Kit
includes all the Premium features listed to the left PLUS extras, as needed... (PRICE QUOTES ON REQUEST)

It's impossible for us to know what you're going to need in advance. And, in truth, it's probably difficult for you to know what you really want or need until after you've considered a number of possible angles. We can offer innovative (yet not too complicated) dynamic solutions for all kinds of interactive, eCommerce, blogging & creative pursuits. It's pretty hard to say what any of that might cost until we know a little more about your goals, but we welcome you to try us… We've been known to come up with some interesting & unconventional solutions every now & then!

Dynamic Web Deluxe possibilities include:

  • MSSQL Database support
  • PayPal shopping cart integration
  • Custom WordPress installation
  • Domain-associated Google Apps w/ Gmail
  • Visitor guestbook
  • Analytics Tracking
  • email marketing account with on-site sign-up form
  • Social Sharing button installation & integration
  • Adwords & Facebook Ad campaign set-up &/or management
  • 3rd-party services set-up, design & integration (Such as Facebook, Twitter, PayPal & etc.)
  • 3rd-party widget installations (for example: your Twitter feed)
  • Password-protected Admin controls (NOTE: while we DO NOT build sites intended to store highly sensitive financial or personal ID data, we can integrate secure solutions that do!)

Hosting Packages » Great Hosting, Great Prices with Web Nb's shared hosting through GoDaddy.

The Up-&-Running Silver Package  $75/year

So you need a website & you want it up & running on the internet where anybody & everybody can find it, right? And you really don't EVER want to have to worry about it & quite frankly you'd rather not have to do anything—including paying an arm & a leg for it. Sound familiar? If so, then this is the hosting plan for you!

Features include:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • One *domain-associated email address with unlimited storage
  • *Domain-associated email forwarding
  • Includes year-round 23x7 support (We have to sleep!)
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

Also available as needed:

  • Domain &/or Hosting Transfers, including Registration & Renewals (fees will vary)

The Up & Running Silver Package - Great Price *Example:, NOT an or type address

The Full-Feature Platinum Package  $120/year

For multiple email accounts associated with your domain, database capability to support dynamic features, or for aspiring do-it-yourselfers who want FTP access, this plan'll give you what you need…

Features include:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • MSSQL Database storage
  • Six *domain-associated email addresses with unlimited storage
  • *Domain-associated email forwarding
  • Personal FTP access to all site files
  • Includes year-round 23x7 support (We have to sleep!)
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

Also available as needed:

  • SSL Certificate (additional fees apply)
  • *Domain-associated Google Apps w/ Gmail (additional fees apply)
  • Domain &/or Hosting Transfers, including Registration & Renewals (fees will vary)

The Full-Feature Platinum Package - Best Deal *Example:, NOT an or type address